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Throw Out Your Jetpack, Speed Blazers Has A Cooler Way To Race

Throw Out Your Jetpack, Speed Blazers Has A Cooler Way To Race

January 29, 2012
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Speed Blazers ($2.99) by fraktalvoid is a fast-paced, universal racing game from the future. Who needs jetpacks when you can twist, flip and twirl your way across the finish line with sonic particle blades on your shoes?

Speed Blazers by fraktalvoid screenshot

The goal of the game is not only to cross the finish line first, but with all the best moves as well. Players collect coins and orbs and hit the “X” on its mark to increase the end score and earn achievements. Courses are filled with jumps, ramps and loops that players can use to perform tricks, like flips and twists.

The movement controls are based on a virtual D-pad and jump button. To complete tricks, swipe a finger across the screen as the runner is in mid-air. The more tricks that can be fit into one jump, the higher the point score. When tricks are performed, the special ability bar increases until the player has enough energy to attack a nearby opponent.

When a player opens this app for the first time, there is only one world and one character to play. Once an entire world is completed, another one will unlock, as well as another character. Currently, there are four characters and four worlds with nine levels in each. The developers promise additional characters and worlds in future updates.

One annoying aspect of the interface is that there is no “play next level” option. Once one level is over, players can either replay, or go back to the world menu to select another. It would save time and streamline gameplay if players could automatically go to the next level.

Overall, this universal racing game is a blast. It is exciting and fun to play. The replay value is very high since users can play all of the levels with each of the four characters. The $2.99 price tag is perfect for this fun filled, futuristic contest. Pick it up in the App Store today.

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