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Triple Town Is A Match Three Game Gone Wild

Triple Town Is A Match Three Game Gone Wild

January 28, 2012
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Triple Town (Free) by Spry Fox, LLC is a unique new puzzle game for the iPad or iPhone/iPod touch. Combine three of a kind to build the city of your dreams, but watch out for cuddly looking bears, they will get in your way.

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The game can best be described as a match three game on steroids. The object is to build the perfect town by laying down matching items next to each other. For example, three patches of grass placed next to each other create a bush and three bushes create a tree, while three trees create a house.

The next item to be placed on the game board is unknown until the one in the player’s “hand” is played. It is like virtually drawing a card from a deck. The difficulty is in strategically placing the items on the board so that combinations can be made. As the board fills up, it becomes harder and harder to find room for three matching items.

There are also bears to worry about, cute, cuddly vicious bears. To get rid of them, players must surround them with items, including other bears. When there is no more room to move, they turn into a tombstone. Three tombstones turn into a church. Three churches turn into a cathedral. You get the idea.

In-app purchases include the ability to buy virtual currency, but it is not necessary for gameplay. Unlike some “freemium” games, Triple Town can be played without the need to buy stuff in order to progress. Players will never feel like they are missing out on something by not buying in-game currency.

Overall, this universal match three style game is one for the record books. It is one of the best free games to hit the App Store. It is cute, fun, challenging, and easy to get sucked into. Triple Town will stay on your device for a long time. Pick it up in the App Store today.

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