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Use Your Knowledge Of Game Physics To Get Packages Shipped On Time

Use Your Knowledge Of Game Physics To Get Packages Shipped On Time

January 7, 2012
Drop The Box by dirtyBit icon

Drop The Box ($1.99) by dirtyBit is a universal physics-based strategy game that has you creating assembly line structures to get packages from point A to point B without getting crushed, burned to ashes, or lost in space.

Drop The Box by dirtyBit screenshot

Players must build platforms by drawing a virtual line across the screen. Platforms must be placed in just the right spots for the dropped boxes. If the ramp is not steep enough or the platforms are too far apart, boxes will get backed up and stop moving, or fall off the edge, never to be shipped.

There are different types of platforms that will help accomplish the goal of getting boxes to the destination chute. Use a bouncing platform to get boxes over tall obstacles, or rolling platforms to get boxes across long, flat areas.

The game is fairly simple to play. Levels get harder as you progress through the game. Some platforms work better than others on different levels so you will never know for sure which to use the first time.

Overall, this universal game is easy and entertaining. There are 72 levels of physics-based fun. Drop the box is challenging and will have you glued to your iDevice for hours. For a casual game like this, it is a bit on the pricey side, but fun nonetheless. Pick it up in the App Store for $1.99.

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