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Video: Apple Revolutionizes Learning And Studying Through Textbooks

Video: Apple Revolutionizes Learning And Studying Through Textbooks

January 19, 2012
This morning, the Apple education event was live in New York, and we were introduced to iBooks 2 and iBooks Textbooks. Apple just posted an education video on their website, in order to tell us more about this new connection with education and show us how amazing it really is. There are many problems with physical textbooks: they’re too heavy, they’re expensive, and they become outdated so quickly. We have all dealt with these problems as parents, as teachers, and as students ourselves. These new interactive textbooks are incredible: fast navigation, great graphics, and they make it so easy to take notes. They provide you with video, audio, and interactive objects you can use on your iPad. Apple has truly revolutionized learning and studying through iBooks Textbooks. Note taking is effortless. To do so, just drag your finger over the text to highlight it. Once your notes are stored, they are organized in a way that makes studying them even easier. The new iBooks Author app allows users to create iBooks Textbooks. This is useful not only for publishers and teachers, but students as well. It brings the curriculum alive to help engage the reader and encourage learning. The partnership between Apple and education is a big deal. It means great things for the education world — from elementary school, to college courses. Not only is it completely redefining education, this is igniting a passion for teaching, and learning within the educational systems.  
  What an interesting age to be teaching in; what an exciting age for learning. What are you most looking forward to? To see the Apple’s education video on iBooks 2 and iBooks Textbooks click here.

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