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AppAdvice Daily: Celebrate Leap Day! A.R. Drone 2.0., Bejeweled Update, Plus Ways To Sell Your iPad

AppAdvice Daily: Celebrate Leap Day! A.R. Drone 2.0., Bejeweled Update, Plus Ways To Sell Your iPad

March 1, 2012

A.R. Drone 2.0 Release Date:

It is a super special holiday today. Leap day! Leap Day only occurs once every four years, which means anything can happen! So later tonight go make your dreams come true, but first, let's talk about A.R. Drone 2.0.. Parrott has finally announced the release date for The A.R. Drone 2.0. Come May 2012, you'll be able to get one for yourself. In fact starting tomorrow, March 1, you'll be able to pre-order yours through Brookstone.

Bejeweled Update:

Are you guys ready for some butterfly action. You may have noticed that Bejeweled is topping the charts today, that's because they have added butterflies to their gameplay. Yes this classic time killer now has a new game mode called Butterflies. Basically, butterflies start to appear at the bottom of the board, and move up with every turn. Your job is to free them before they are eaten by the spider at the top. The update has reinvigorated our love for Bejweled

Ways To Sell Your iPad:

Looking to sell your iPad 2 in time for you to get the new iPad 3 once it's announced? Well Bryan Wolfe wrote an article today detailing the best ways to do it. The first place he recomends is Gazelle. On Gazelle you can trade in your iPad for any where from $230 to $350 bucks, depending on the model. Which doesn't sound like that great of a price, however, the plus side to selling your old Pad on Gazelle is that they are highly reliable, it's no fuss, and they have multiple ways for you to receive your cash. Like through check, paypal - or if you want five percent more, an Amazon gift card. This brings us to the second place where you can trade in your old best friend, Amazon's Trade In Store. On Amazon you can get a little more for your old iPad, but the major downside there is they don't offer cash, just an Amazon gift card, which is kind of sucks. The third place is NextWorth, NextWorth is a good option because the prices are similar Amazon, but you get cash back. But if you don't mind putting in a little extra work, there are some other options that might get you more money. Try posting an add on Craigslist, or putting it up for auction on eBay. So there are obviously lots of options out there, just depends on how much time and effort you want to put into it. Will any of you be selling your old iPad to trade up?

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