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Big Fish Games Releases A New Casual Puzzle Game For iPad

Sketch Up HD (Full) by Big Fish Games, Inc icon

Sketch Up HD (Full) ($2.99) by Big Fish Games, Inc is a puzzle game that uses shapes and physics. Combine two shapes to make another and place them in their proper place. Just don’t let the wrong shapes collide, or you’ll be back to square one.

Sketch Up HD (Full) by Big Fish Games, Inc screenshot

The goal of each level is to get certain shapes, like squares and circles, to stay put in their appropriate place. The difficulty is in the fact that obstacles and other shapes will get in the way, making it hard to accomplish the task.

The shapes will float across the screen and players must drag them to the designated spot. When the shape has remained in the spot for a certain period of time, the level is complete. The faster the task is completed, the better the score.

Shapes can be combined to form more complex ones. For example, two triangles brought together will make a square, two squares will make a pentagon, and so on. If a “lower” shape, like a triangle, collides with a “higher” one, like a square, it will revert to the lower one. This makes it harder to keep the proper shape in its spot because players have to avoid collisions.

In addition to shape changing, there are obstacles that keep shapes from staying put. For example, there is a magnet that continuously pulls at the shapes, causing them to stray from their spot. There are also pools of sticky goo that keeps you from being able to easily move shapes around, and so on.

The problem with this game is that it lacks challenge. I was able to complete 45 levels in a half an hour. There are 135 levels, but they never really seem to get that much harder. More obstacles and tasks are added, but they always seem to be easy to complete. After 45 levels, I just got bored.

Overall, Sketch Up HD (Full) is entertaining, but a bit too easy. It is a great game for beginners of the puzzle genre, but might be a bit tedious for a lot of people. It is not a bad game, but not an awesome one either. I recommend checking out the free version first.

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Big Fish Games Releases A New Casual Puzzle Game For iPad

Big Fish Games Releases A New Casual Puzzle Game For iPad