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Bring The Lomo Effect To Your iDevice

Bring The Lomo Effect To Your iDevice

February 27, 2012
ADL Lomo Effect - Amazing lomo effects by Adlife Inc. icon

ADL Lomo Effect - Amazing lomo effects ($1.99) by Adlife Inc. is yet another photography app for the aspiring iPhone photographer. It features the functionality needed to be an iPhone app, and the simplicity required for anyone to be able to use it. More importantly it focuses on mimicking the type of art photography called lomography.

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For those of us who haven’t taken a photography class or don’t know the slightest thing about lomography, it's a form of photography where emphasis is put on the color in pictures. With that being said, ADL Lomo Effect effectively turns your iDevice into a “lomo” camera. Users without a camera enabled iDevice shouldn’t worry, the app also offers a feature to select a preexisting photo to apply lomo effects to.

There are already plenty of photography apps in the App Store that are just too complicated. Something that I really appreciated about this app was how simple it was to use.

When it’s first launched users are taken right into the camera. After a picture is taken an untouched version will appear. From here users can swipe left and right to immediately see how the photo appears with effects applied. At this moment the app only offers seven effects, which doesn’t seem like much. There is something to be said for this, though, as not every user is looking for a convoluted app with so many features that only a professional photographer could use it.

Users will also find features to share photos with family and friends through email, as well as the ability to save photos to their camera roll. In the future it would be nice to see an update for Facebook and Twitter integration.

Overall ADL Lomo Effect is a simple photography app for anyone interested in emphasizing the color in their photos. It almost feels like more of a novelty than a utility, but then again so do the actual Lomo cameras. Be sure to look for it in the App Store and let us know what you think.

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ADL Lomo Effect - Amazing lomo effects
ADL Lomo Effect - Amazing lomo effects
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