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Burger Bustle HD, Yet More Time Management

Burger Bustle HD, Yet More Time Management

February 28, 2012
I know what you're thinking ...  "What I really need is a food establishment based time management game." Am I right? No? I didn't think so! The App Store is already about to burst with such titles, including the popular Diner Dash Deluxe and Order Up!! To Go, but Big Fish Games obviously thinks these are all missing a special ingredient. Big Fish Games has released their latest title, Burger Bustle HD Full ($2.99) for the iPad. If you have ever played one of the many time management games available for iOS, you will be instantly familiar with the title. The aim of the game is take over a restaurant and serve food to the many customers as quickly as possible. Each customer, as in real life, will have varying requests and needs that must be fulfilled. Big Fish Games list some of the features of Burger Bustle HD Full as:
  • Serve yummy food fast
  • Work quick to please all customers
  • Get help from upgrades that increase your speed
  • Earn stars to be a top restaurant
As you can see, these are not the most inspired of "features." It doesn't appear that Burger Bustle HD Full brings anything new to the genre that we haven't seen before. If you are a fan of time management games, however, this may suit you just fine. Burger Bustle HD has been available for a few months now, but the new full version and iPhone version have just seen the light of day. How do you feel about yet another food based time management game? Can you stomach another one or are you ready to burst? I certainly know where I stand.  

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