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Childhood's End Hitting The App Store Soon

Childhood's End Hitting The App Store Soon

February 22, 2012
Have you had enough of tower defense games yet? The team at Pixel Brain Games are certainly hoping not! They have recently submitted their new tower defense title, Childhood's End, to the App Store. Pixel Brain Games invites you to join "Big Phil" as he navigates his adolescence and fights off evil teddy bears from his childhood. Yes, that is actually the plot. Pixel Brain Games kindly released the following gameplay footage to whet your appetite: The game looks set to feature the usual tower defense fare, such as tower upgrades and a plethora of tower types. Alongside the standard feature set, Childhood's End also includes:
  • NO FREEMIUM JUNK that makes you buy something or grind endlessly!
  • Go hands-on in LARGER THAN LIFE defensive battles that will keep you coming back to finish the fight!
  • Build, upgrade and salvage a WIDE ARRAY OF EXCITING TOWERS!
  • Different ENEMIES on the GROUND and in the AIR!
  • CHALLENGING BOSS FIGHTS in every level!
  • In-game TUTORIAL
  • Play for hours on end with a VAST NUMBER OF LEVELS with BRANCHING PATHS so you can choose your battles!
  • Colorful and charming HIGH-DEFINITION art!
  • Use the TOWERPEDIA to deploy the right tower for the job.
  • Analyzable TEDDYOLOGY compendium to help Big Phil thwart his enemies.
  • TWO SKILL LEVELS (Normal and Hard) and 3 TYPES OF LEVEL DIFFICULTIES to keep you coming back for more fun.
  • Tons of gameplay and challenging Game Center ACHIEVEMENTS.
  • Cloud SYNCING of game saves and settings.
The lack of freemium "junk" is a huge bonus to me, as is cloud syncing. This feature has, so far, been quite underused in recent titles so it's very nice to hear it will be present here. Childhood's End was submitted to the App Store yesterday so it's still a week or so away from release, but with its extensive feature set and gorgeous graphics it certainly looks like one to watch. According to Pixel Brain Games, Childhood's End will be an iPad only title at launch. How do you feel about tower defense games? Do you think there is still room in the market for another title? I have high hopes for Childhood's End, I hope I'm not disappointed.

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