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Dream Runner Is An Innovative Running Game For iOS

Dream Runner Is An Innovative Running Game For iOS

February 13, 2012
We love running games, here at AppAdvice, in particular the horror game Scram, caught our attention. The only problem was that after a while, it felt pointless. The game was getting nowhere and it all became too repetitive. Dream Runner is an upcoming iOS running game that actually has a storyline. The game features tons of fantastic features, including awesome 3-D graphics, touch or gyro based controls and a unique upgrading system. You can also collect power-ups and other cool collectibles while you run through various different tracks. The fact that the game actually has a story is interesting. There will be objective based missons and best of all you will actually progress in the game, making it more interesting unlike other repetitive runner titles. Dream Runner is slated for release in the first quarter of 2012 and the developers have released a small teaser trailer for you to watch, below: Source: TouchArcade

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