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Ever Wanted A Light That Would Charge Your iPad?

Ever Wanted A Light That Would Charge Your iPad?

February 3, 2012
Do you have a wad of spare cash laying around and want to purchase something that will make others say "Why?" Then look no further than this unique iDevice accessory. Philippe Starck, designer of high-end lighting and fixtures, has now unveiled D’E-Light, a new light which is also an iPhone and iPad charging stand. Offered for sale by Flos, the lamp is a tabletop model with a sleek, modern design in polished aluminum and an optical two-way switch. The minimalist look combines a small base with the iPhone/iPad stand perched on the top.


D'E-LIGHT by Philippe Starck

Adding a charging stand to a lamp is not a new idea, among them M&C Lighting offers the tLight which has an iPhone/iPad charging dock integrated into the base. However, to our knowledge, placing the iDevice on the top of the light itself has never been done before and perhaps for good reason.

While the D’E-Light does allow maximum desk space, the small footprint gives a precarious feel, especially when charging an iPad. Even with the base weighted, the bulky top design offers little protection against accidental knocks, which could potentially send the iPad flying.

As with many charging stations, the concept of charging the iDevice while still in a thicker protective case was not considered here. Thus we feel that the D’E-Light is clearly not meant for homes with children or a lot of activity nearby.

If your office or home is peril-free or you work in a modern museum, this could be the ultimate charging stand. However to us it just seems a bit silly. After all, the money spent on this one charging stand could purchase a lot of iDevice accessories instead.

The D’E-Light sells for $396 and is available through Flos.

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