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Free Version of Inspire - Paint, Draw & Sketch Finally Hits The App Store

Free Version of Inspire - Paint, Draw & Sketch Finally Hits The App Store

February 20, 2012
Inspire - Paint, Draw & Sketch (Free) by KiwiPixel icon

Inspire - Paint, Draw & Sketch (Free) (Free) by KiwiPixel is the “lite” version of the full-featured popular art app of the same name. Containing nearly all of the best features of the "pro" version, this app is a great way for artists to find out how amazing Inspire is.

Inspire - Paint, Draw & Sketch (Free) by KiwiPixel screenshot

Inspire Free is a pared down version of the full app, but only slightly. It still uses the same, realistic brush stroke features and unlimited color variations that made it famous. However, instead of five different paintbrushes, it comes with three. Unlike the full version, the brushes cannot be used for erasing, but strokes can be removed with the "undo" feature up to 10 times.

Like the full version, brushes can be loaded with different amounts of paint and the dry brush feature allows users to apply a smudging effect. Additionally, the desired pressure of the brush can be set manually for more control over the look of each stroke.

The full version offers two different canvas sizes, but the free one is limited to a single size. Also, this app does not have a favorite or recently used color feature. However, these features are not the only things that make Inspire such a well-designed artist app.

Paintings can be shared with others through Facebook, Flickr and Twitter, or sent directly through email to friends and family. Additionally, images can be exported at resolutions of up to six times the original's by using the free Inspire Exporter application for windows and Mac.

Overall, this free version of Inspire is full of all the best features that we know and love. If you’ve always wanted to try out the painting app, but didn’t want to invest the $5.00, give Inspire Free a try. Even if you don’t decide to upgrade to the full version, you won’t be disappointed in what this app has to offer.

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