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MasterKey Is A Beautiful Password Generator For Your iDevice

MasterKey Is A Beautiful Password Generator For Your iDevice

February 16, 2012
MasterKey by Partixel icon

MasterKey ($1.99) by Partixel is a gorgeous password generator for your iPhone and iPad.

While I'm sure that most of us are using AgileBit's 1Password, that doesn't mean that there can't be room for other password apps for your iDevice.

The thing that caught my attention with MasterKey is the beautiful interface. It feels like a vault, which makes sense, since it keeps a record of all the passwords you've create (and saved) with the app. The robotic sound effects compliment the overall feel of the app very nicely, and reminds me of Convertbot.

MasterKey by Partixel screenshot

Another bonus to this app is the fact that it is very easy-to-use. There’s even a tutorial overlay that will show you the basics of the app, which is nice. The main screen will show a generated password at the top, with a strength indicator in the middle. The bottom has a giant button that you can press to generate a new password. Simple, yes?

If you see a password you want to use, just tap on it. This will copy the password to your clipboard and save it in your Password History, accessible with the button in the top right corner. In the History, you will see all the passwords you generated and saved, and when you saved them. Change your mind about a password? Just swipe to delete, or you can use the Edit button. If you select a password, you also get the ability to add a note to it. This is great for keeping track of what the password is used for.

MasterKey by Partixel screenshot

If you tap on the strength indicator, you reveal a plethora of settings that can modify your generated passwords. You can have them be pronounceable (though this probably isn’t recommended, and it’s turned off by default), adjust the length (from five characters to 30), digits, or symbols, capitalization options (abc, aBc, or ABC), be ambiguous, disallow repeats, and even give them a certain prefix or suffix (up to 20 characters).

In addition to accessing various password settings, you will be able to find the app settings in there as well. You can toggle a passcode lock for the app to keep your passwords safe, have a custom separator, automatically send to clipboard, shake to generate, new password on startup, enable sounds (I find the sounds to be part of the charm, really), and more. The app also uses iCloud to sync for password history, password and app settings, so all of your stuff will be synchronized across your iPhones and iPads.

While this is not really a 1Password competitor, I think MasterKey is a nice complement app for everyone's favorite password manager app. It's a great way to quickly generate a new and secure password, and you get full iCloud sync with it. The app is $1.99, but it is universal, so that's not a bad deal at all. The best part is that the pixels just look charming and delightful, and make password generating engaging.

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