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Hop Into The Best Equipped Starfighter The Galaxy Has Ever Known

Hop Into The Best Equipped Starfighter The Galaxy Has Ever Known

February 18, 2012
Starfighter Overkill by Rapid Turtle Games icon

Starfighter Overkill ($1.99) by Rapid Turtle Games is a universal shoot ‘em up game in outer space that places you in the cockpit of a heavily equipped Starfighter, ready to annihilate the entire universe, one galaxy at a time.

Starfighter Overkill by Rapid Turtle Games screenshot

The goal of this game is to shoot and kill. Players are given control of a starship that they can move up, down, left or right. When touched, the ship will begin spewing massive amounts of ammo at oncoming enemies. A multitude of opponents will flood in to attack in waves while players try to avoid oncoming missiles, lasers and more.

The ship has special weapons that can be used when the fight seems too tough. Weapons include a wide-ranging explosive fireball, a high-powered laser that destroys anything in its path, and a radioactive bomb that wipes out everything on the screen. The ship also has a replenishing missile barrage that sends about 10 missiles across the battlefield, obliterating all enemies at once.

In addition to the special weapons, players can pick up bonuses that increase the ship’s firepower, add strength to the energy shield, or repair damage. This upgrade to the ship’s normal firepower, plus the special weapons makes for an action packed game.

There are four different stages. Players must complete 50 waves in order to unlock the second stage, and 100 waves for the next. Successful completion of waves will roll over from one game to another. So, if you can’t get through more than 10 waves before losing the game, don’t worry. Just play four more times to unlock the next stage.

Fans of the shoot ‘em up genre will have hours of fun with Starfighter Overkill. It looks good, the replay value is high, and the price is reasonable for a universal app. This game will remain on your device for a long, long time.

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