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Momonga Pinball Adventures, Rolling Onto An iOS Device Near You

Momonga Pinball Adventures, Rolling Onto An iOS Device Near You

February 23, 2012
Paladin Studios, an indie game developer from the Netherlands, has recently announced the imminent release of their new title, Momonga Pinball Adventures. Paladin Studios hopes to set itself apart from the various other pinball based titles such as Pinball Arcade and Pinball HD, by introducing a bit of a spin to the genre. Momonga Pinball Adventures combines a standard pinball mechanic with an action-adventure game. The idea of combining such different genres may seem odd, but after seeing the recently released trailer, the game looks like fantastic fun: In Momonga Pinball Adventures you hit a ball with flippers, but that's where the pinball comparisons end and the adventure portion of the game takes over. The game world is beautifully realized, which reminds me of Super Monkey Ball.

The hero of the game is Momo the momonga. A band of evil owls have attacked Momo's village, kidnapped his friends and left Momo for dead. It's now your task, with the power of pinball, to get them back. Derk de Geus, co-founder of Paladin says:
We love pinball, but hate the fact that pinball games are all so... cabinet-ish. Who needs another table with the same bells and whistles? It's time for something new.
The game features:
  • Beautiful handcrafted levels
  • Crisp pinball physics
  • A solid storyline
  • Fully animated characters
  • Old-fashioned boss fights
  • Seamless Facebook integration
  • Challenges
  • Achievements
  • Game Center
Momonga Pinball Adventures is scheduled for launch in spring 2012 on both iOS and Android and looks set to be a universal app. I'm excited to get my hands on Momonga Pinball Adventures and I'm curious to see how this strange combination of genres fairs. Are you planning on taking Momo "for a spin?"

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