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Monster Robot Studios' Beyond Dead Available Now

Monster Robot Studios' Beyond Dead Available Now

February 22, 2012
Monster Robot Studios has just released Beyond Dead ($0.99). This Metroid meets Mega Man styled platformer has you playing as a mercenaries, Tank and Vera, to discover the truth about a terraforming project gone wrong in the Asteriae system. As stated in the Beyond Dead's release notes, this game's features include:
  • A totally customizable control systems, use intuitive touch screens to walk, jump and shoot, switch to classic old school buttons, or use some of each.
  • Awesome auto save, play for 5 minutes or 45 mins, you start right where you left off no matter what
  • Tons of cool weapons, collect energy cells to buy new weapons and items and upgrade the ones you already have
  • 12 in-game achievements to test your skill
  • Awesome boss battles and puzzles
This release is just the first chapter of the Beyond Dead story. Future updates will be available for free, while chapter II will include new weapons, enemies, bosses, achievements, and more. Beyond Dead is available in the App Store for $0.99. This looks like a great game, but I'm sure Samus Aran could do a better job than Tank and Vera.

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