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New 1001 Ultimate Mahjong, A Puzzle Lover's Paradise

New 1001 Ultimate Mahjong, A Puzzle Lover's Paradise

February 8, 2012
1001 Ultimate Mahjong Free by icon

1001 Ultimate Mahjong Free (Free) by is exactly what it sounds like; 1001 different Mahjong puzzles to play. It is the perfect app for Mahjong fan.

Unfortunately not all 1001 game stacks are available with the download. Each stack pack has to be bought separately. There are 11 different stack packs ranging from traditional to WTF. The traditional stack is the starting point. Users can unlock additional stack packs for $0.99 each or unlock them all for $4.99.

1001 Ultimate Mahjong Free by screenshot

Ultimate Mahjong allows for a lot of user customization. There are seven different tile sets, over 40 different backgrounds and nine different UI themes. Combined there are over 2,700 different visual combinations for users to enjoy. Even with all this customization, the changes are subtle enough so they do not take away from the game itself.

The 1001 Ultimate Mahjong game is a universal app. That said, it is much easier to use on an iPad. The tiles are larger and easier to differentiate between. The game is still playable on an iPhone but I believe that users will prefer the larger screen of the iPad during any extended gameplay.

The games controls are very intuitive; just tap on the first and second tiles of the pair to eliminate them. A small animation plays, removing the tiles, before moving on to the next pair.

Overall, 1001 Ultimate Mahjong is a great app for puzzle enthusiasts. If you like Mahjong definitely check out this app. If you've never heard of Mahjong, still check out this app. It is great for everyone and promises hours of fun (even without any unlocks).

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