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Nike+ FuelBand Is The Latest Fitness Device That Will Sync With Your iPhone

Nike+ FuelBand Is The Latest Fitness Device That Will Sync With Your iPhone

February 3, 2012
Fitness products that sync with the iPhone have recently become very popular. Nike will soon be introducing their latest entry into this niche and it is called the Nike+ FuelBand. Nike+ FuelBand is a wristband that will help make your life a sport. It will track your activity all day long, count the number of steps you take, and calculate the number of calories you have burned.

The wristband will sync to your computer via the USB port, or to your iOS device wirelessly through Bluetooth. The software and app will keep track of all your information and help you achieve your daily goals.

At a recent press event in New York City, Nike had promotional support for their new technology from some popular celebrities and athletes. Jimmy Fallon hosted the event and sports icons, Kevin Durant, Carmelita Jeter, and Lance Armstrong made an appearance and endorsed the Nike device.

With this product Nike may be trying to capitalize on the failure of the recently released Jawbone UP band. The UP band was more of a lifestyle device, which attracted a broader market of users. The UP tracked other lifestyle habits such as sleep and food consumption. The FuelBand appears to primarily appeal to athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The Nike + Fuelband will cost $149, and will be available by Feb. 22, 2012. Nike was taking preorders, however, as of Feb. 3, the website says they are out of stock. Also, The Nike+ Fuelband app is not yet available in the App Store. It will be interesting to see how well this new wristband does, and hopefully it will not be a flop like the Jawbone UP. One disappointment with this device is the lack of comprehensive lifestyle tracking. There are other products on the market such as the FitBit Ultra that give you more bang for your buck, depending on your fitness needs. What fitness apps and devices have you used? Do you think Nike will succeed with the Nike+ FuelBand? Please share your thoughts below!  

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