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Photography Exhibit Augments Reality With iPhone App

Photography Exhibit Augments Reality With iPhone App

February 15, 2012
Portuguese Artist Nuno Serrão recently unveiled a unique art exhibit which allows the visitor to experience each image, instead of merely viewing it. Entitled Project Paperclip, the exhibit is the first to use an iPhone app as part of the actual art experience. Before looking at the photographs, viewers are asked to download the Project Paperclip app, which is free in the App Store. Once inside the exhibit they launch the app, put on headphones and use the iPhone camera to scan the QR code attached to each Image.
As the viewer looks at the photograph they will hear a custom soundscape composed specifically for the image. The soundscape is not static or predictable. It has a built in algorithm which uses variables, such as time of day, movement or the noise level in the room to change what you hear. This reactive soundscape feature allows the viewer to return to a photograph and experience something new each time.
"By including the auditory canal, it (the soundscape) tries to transport visitors to a state that gives them a more profound interpretation of the photographs." Nuno Serrão stated on the Project Paperclip website.
Project Paperclip is currently on exhibit from Feb. 10 through April 29 at the Galeria das Mudas located in Centro das Artesm Calheta, Madeira Island, Portugal. For those who will not be able to visit the actual exhibit, Serrão has added three of his exhibit photographs on the Project Paperclip website.  He invites anyone interested to download the app and enjoy a sample of what his exhibit has to offer. If you cannot see the video above please click on this link. Several museums offer virtual tours via iPhone or more information on exhibits.  Some examples are the American Museum of Natural History's Dinosaurs App, and our recent article about Vermeer. However, to our knowledge, the concept of an app containing a portion of the exhibit itself is completely new and fascinating. What do you think of using your iDevice to fully experience the vision of an artist? Would you like to see the exhibit?

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