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Product Review: iPro Lens System

Product Review: iPro Lens System

February 21, 2012
It looks like attaching lenses to your iPhone is all the rage lately. We have the Olloclip (which I reviewed here) providing the same fisheye, wide-angle, and macro functionality to the iPhone's camera as Photojojo's smartphone lenses (although the Olloclip slips onto the phone, as opposed to using magnets). Now, the iPro Lens System ($199), from Schneider Optics, is on the scene and wants to one-up the competition. We told you about the iPro Lens system from MacWorld 2012, and the folks at Schneider Optics were nice enough to let me test one out. The case, handle, and lens housings are made from anodized aluminum. It works as advertised, which shouldn't be a shocker, but what makes the iPro Lens System different than the rest?


The Good By providing protection for your phone along with a secure, bayonet-style mounting system,  the iPro Lens system comes out on top of the Olloclip and Photojojo's options. I wasn't worried while running around with the lenses attached and filming or taking pictures. Each lens clicks into place, providing a secure hold. The handle, which also serves as a lens case AND tripod mount, is surprisingly handy, especially for video. Unlike the Olloclip, the iPro's wide-angle lens didn't cause any vignetting in the photos I took. The handle wasn't too bulky or uncomfortable in my pocket.

The Bad I have a hard time believing anyone actually paid $199 for this system. That's a new, on-contract iPhone right there. Given what's included (aluminum case, two lenses, handle, lens case, tripod mount), I still don't think the price can be justified. The Olloclip is almost three times cheaper, and comes with a macro lens. For something casual users would love, the price puts it out of reach for the casual iPhoneographer that's looking to add some fun to their photos. Verdict For this type of accessory, the iPro Lens system comes out on top. It works as expected while providing an easier way to hold your device, as well as protect it. However, its high price point is more than enough to get potential customers to lose interest faster than they can snap a picture. You can get yourself an iPro Lens system for $199 from Schneider Optics. Can you picture yourself paying that much for an accessory? I know some of you are thinking, "I can get a point-and-shoot camera for that price!" This is true, but your iPhone is more than likely glued to you. Why get an extra camera?

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