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Product Review: The Nomad Brush

Product Review: The Nomad Brush

February 11, 2012
Remember the Nomad Brush we told you about recently? While it isn't new (the company recently celebrated their one year anniversary), it's been picking up a lot of steam lately and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one, courtesy of the kind folks at Nomad Brush. So, can it paint a picture that's worth a thousand words? Or, can it paint a picture that's a waste of $39.00? To be specific, I am writing this review on the dual-tipped Nomad Compose. One tip is the brush tip (available in short and long) and the other is the glide bevel tip (for use like a "normal" stylus, but glides like the brush tip). All Nomad Brush tips are a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. The Nomad Brush's success depends on which app you use. If you use a bad app, then you'll have bad results, and vice versa. I used procreate and Zen Brush in my testing. The Good While painting on an iPad with a stylus or your finger isn't a new concept, it just feels great when using the Nomad. The Nomad feels very natural to use. The brush tip glides effortlessly on the iPad's screen. Everything just flows. The brush tips are extremely responsive, while offering as much precision and control as you would like. Each tip serves its purpose, and once you decide which you like more for what task, you'll use them more and more. The Bad Honestly, there isn't anything I dislike about the Nomad Brush. Uh, I guess it would be nice if they offered the brush in more colors? Verdict The Nomad Brush is an amazing stylus. Its ease of use will make you want to use it as often as you can. Everything the Nomad Brush can do, a stylus or finger can do just as well, if not better. However, the FEEL of using the Nomad Brush isn't something you can get with any other stylus. This is a must-have product for anyone who does a lot of art on their iPad and dislikes that slow, draggy feeling you get with a stylus. If Bob Ross was still around and used an iPad for his paintings, I'd bet a dollar he'd use the Nomad Brush. The Nomad Brush comes in several different flavors, which all range from $18-$39 and are available on the Nomad Brush website.

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