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Proview Ready To Talk "iPad" With Apple, Settlement Imminent?

Proview Ready To Talk "iPad" With Apple, Settlement Imminent?

February 21, 2012
After lots of posturing and counter-posturing, it appears that Apple and Proview are finally ready to compromise outside the Chinese court system. While the case over who owns the iPad trademark continues to work its way up the legal ladder, Proview lawyer Xie Xianghui says his team is preparing to meet with Apple's representation, and that the latter group is promoting an air of "peaceful intentions." As a refresher, Apple claims it purchased the rights to the iPad name from Proview Taiwan in 2006. However, parent company Proview Shenzhen -- now five years later -- claims that deal to be null and void. Whether or not this grift stance has anything to do with Proview Shenzhen's recent financial woes remains to be seen, though it's fairly suspect that the claim was filed only after the Chinese firm's cash-flow problems began. AppleInsider reminds us that:
Proview... is in dire need of financial relief as the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has suspended trading of the company's stock after years of poor earnings. If no viable solution to its cash flow is found, Proview International Holdings, Ltd. will be delisted from the exchange in June.
Either way, Proview clearly hasn't the means to afford a drawn-out, months-long legal battle with the richest company in the world. Even if the case is ultimately without merit, a quick settlement is undeniably the best thing for everyone involved.

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