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I Am Ironworm

I Am Ironworm

February 25, 2012
Ironworm by 10tons Ltd icon

Ironworm ($0.99) by 10tons Ltd pits Ironworm against a horde of bugs. Help him chase the Boss Bug through 30 levels of mayhem in Skull Peaks in this physics-based game.

Stretch Ironworm's body until the spikeball at the end of his tail strikes another surface. One he's hooked on you'll then need to swing his head so he can sink his teeth into the next spot.

Ironworm by 10tons Ltd screenshot

Those pesky bugs will try to take each of his three lives, but that's just another reason to use the spikeball. Fragg! Kill! Pwn! The (somewhat) onomatopoeic word balloons exclaim with each bug's demise. But just make sure the bugs don't hit any other part of him.

The level ends when you're able to hook Ironworm onto the green exit sign. A running tally will let you know how many bugs went down in Ironworm's wake of destruction. For me, this seems to add a greater sense of accomplishment, rather than just killing whatever enemies you can on your way out the door.

Completing a level without losing any lives will earn you a "flawless" achievement. If you find that you're dying more on a level than the bugs are, two in-app purchases are available to level the field.

The "toughworm" bonus will add a fourth life to your total, while "heavyweight" makes your spikeball 25 percent bigger.

This game just oozes character. Every detail, from the word balloons to the umlaut in the game's title, adds to the fun. Even something as innocent as the dead leaves used for landing platforms look like chunks of carrion.

The thrashing guitar soundtrack helps to add fuel to your fire for reaching the exit. You'll definitely want to turn your iDevice's volume to 11.

Metal fans will most likely appreciate the subtle nods. Even if you're not a fan, this game definitely delivers.

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