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MyMadrid HD Is A Must Have App For Any Real Madrid Fan

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MyMadrid HD (Free) by Real Madrid C.F. is the new official iPad app for Real Madrid fans. Similar to the previous MyMadrid app for the iPhone, the new iPad app contains detailed information about all aspects of the club including history, current players, management, match facts, league standings, and more.

Right off the bat users will be impressed with the graphics in MyMadrid HD. A short high quality video plays the first time the app is opened. The video shows action packed shots of the iconic football team and in recent seasons. All the photos in the app are crisp and in focus.

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The app is very easy to navigate. It uses several intuitively named tabs to mark different sections of the app for users to find the information they are looking for.

In the app users have access to current information about Real Madrid's football and basketball teams. They can also read an extensive history of the club, which is over 100 years old. There is more detailed information about the football club's starting lineup, coach, board of directors, and trophies won.

Users can also use MyMadrid HD to stay up-to-date with club events and standings. Current league standings for the domestic league, Champions League, and the cup race are provided. Even if the Real Madrid is no longer competing for a title, the app still displays the teams playing as well as the game scores. There is also a news section where users can read daily snippets about the club and their recent or upcoming matches. The news section is rather misleading, stories are only about three to four sentences, so it should not be used to find extensive or detailed news about the club.

The RMTV tab allows users to access the club's Real Madrid Television, a subscription service costing €3.99 (euros) per month. From here users can also access Real Madrid Mobile TV, which broadcasts individual matches for €1.59 or whole seasons for €7.99. Finally the RMTV tab has a link to the club's YouTube channel, for free, where users can watch promo videos and more.

Finally, from the app users can purchase tickets and apparel items from Real Madrid's store. All prices are in Euros.

Overall, MyMadrid HD is an extensive app with many features for Real Madrid fans. I was impressed with the quality of the graphics and the app’s simple interface. If you are a Real Madrid Fan be sure to check out this app or its partner MyMadrid for your iPad or iPhone.

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MyMadrid HD Is A Must Have App For Any Real Madrid Fan

MyMadrid HD Is A Must Have App For Any Real Madrid Fan