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Test Your Spelling Abilities With Nerdy Birds Social HD

Test Your Spelling Abilities With Nerdy Birds Social HD

February 7, 2012
Nerdy Birds Social™ HD by Megatouch icon

Nerdy Birds Social™ HD ($0.99) by Megatouch is a word game where players compete for the highest score by building words from a selection of letters. At first glance this reminds me of Words with Friends and other similar games, however, this actually has a lot more to offer. Users will find anything from real time multiplayer to an intuitive interface suitable for all ages.

Nerdy Birds Social™ HD by Megatouch screenshot

When the app launches players are brought to a colorful menu; from there they have the option of playing alone, with a stranger, with a friend in person, or over the Internet. Once the game begins players will have a group of letters to choose from and 90 seconds to build as many words as possible. Larger words are awarded more points and incorrect words don’t count for or against players.

After the timer runs out players will have an additional two rounds for a total of three separate rounds; the highest score counts as their final score. Players have the option of checking leaderboards online to compare their score with others to see how well they are doing.

A large part of what separates this game from its competitors is the ability to battle online against random opponents as well as friends. The game also takes full advantage of Apple’s Game Center.

Megatouch really went the extra mile to insure that players not only have an amazing soundtrack, but also incredibly impressive graphics.

Overall Nerdy Birds Social HD is an excellent word game for players of any age. Even though, in my opinion, it is really best suited for children, I could see an adult or older child enjoying it too. The game is so well designed, it is really hard not to enjoy it. Check this one out in the App Store.

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