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Nose Invaders Has Invaded The App Store With Great Physics-Based Puzzles

Nose Invaders Has Invaded The App Store With Great Physics-Based Puzzles

February 22, 2012
Nose Invaders by Dear Future Astronaut AB icon

Nose Invaders ($0.99) by Dear Future Astronaut AB is a new physics-based puzzle adventure game released for the iPhone yesterday.

Flu viruses invade every year and cause misery to millions of people. Now is the time to take a stand against the pesky flu virus. Players take control of a small green flu-fighting creature to combat the flu viruses. Because the nose is the body's the last line of defense, this is where the battle takes place.

The nose complicates matters as one might imagine. Since the green creatures are fighting in living animals, the noses are fully functional. So the creatures must eliminate the flu viruses and time their attacks while the nose is inhaling and exhaling. These green creatures cannot survive anywhere else besides the nose, so make sure they are not inhaled into the body.

Nose Invaders by Dear Future Astronaut AB screenshot

To navigate around the nose, players touch the screen and drag the arrow in the direction they want the creature to go. The longer the arrow, the more force behind the creature. Navigating is not difficult, the real challenge is timing the movements as the nose inhales and exhales.

Each level of Nose Invaders has three flu viruses to eliminate. However, players only need to eliminate one to advance to the next level. Currently the game has three level packs (kid nose, cow nose, and elephant nose) each with 20 levels.

Players are awarded a coin for each virus eliminated. These are used to unlock future nose packs. Of course, if you must open the next nose pack you can unlock them all for $0.99.

As players progress throughout the levels more obstacles appear. The first few levels are very easy, designed so players can get a feel for the game. After these, challenges are thrown in. Some noses have teleport holes, creature eating traps, pimples and more elements that complicate the game.

Nose Invaders has Game Center support with leaderboards and over 15 achievements.

Overall, Nose Invaders is a fun and challenging puzzle game for the iPhone. Players will be delighted with the ease of controls, fun graphics, and challenging gameplay. Nose Invaders is suitable for all ages and promises hours of fun.

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