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Rogue Racing: A Fun Freemium Game

Rogue Racing: A Fun Freemium Game

February 8, 2012
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Rogue Racing (Free) by Glu Games Inc. takes users into the world of street racing. The game has a striking similarity to the old Need for Speed racing games. Players buy their car, race, and upgrade until they can afford a new one.

Rogue Racing offers four different steering modes. Players can choose to use their iDevice’s accelerometer or use a combination of sliders and tap controls to steer. The app tutorial is designed to let players acclimatize to whichever steering mode they choose. All of the modes have their pros and cons, so I recommend testing them all out before choosing. Don't worry, the choice is not final; users can pick a new steering mode through the controls option in the menu.

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Players buy their first car after completion of the tutorial. They then proceed to race and upgrade their car. It immediately becomes apparent that the free version of the app is extremely limited.

Rogue Racing has three racing modes; Street, Time, and Elimination. These are standard racing modes so most players should be familiar with them. The races are quite challenging in the beginning, but as players improve their cars they become easier. Rogue Racing supports both Game Center and OpenFeint leaderboards.

The available content is quite impressive. The images are crisp and the racing interface is great. But in order to enjoy the game for any extended period of time users must be prepared to pay.

The amount of content available for purchase in Rogue Racing borders on excessive. To upgrade your car beyond the few basic upgrades, unlock the third track, or replenish the gas quickly, players need keys. Keys are in-app purchases ranging from $4.99 to $19.99 depending on the number of keys. Keys unlock all of the premium content in the game.

Overall, Rogue Racing is a fun game, but only truly free for a limited time. Try it out and see if it is worth the money for you. If not, there are always other racing alternatives available in the App Store.

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