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Amphibian Tap App Found In Tap The Frog 2

Amphibian Tap App Found In Tap The Frog 2

February 23, 2012
Tap The Frog 2 by Playmous icon

Tap The Frog 2 ($0.99) by Playmous provides a variety of different skill games, all involving frogs. Back from the first installment of Tap The Frog, our hero the frog is looking to become a frog prince and win back his girlfriend.

He’ll need to compete in a variety of mini games as he races against time.

The whole tone of the game is set right from the beginning as the animation relating the frog’s story plays. From there, you can select whichever game you’d like to try your hand at.

Tap The Frog 2 by Playmous screenshot

The games provided are: pop the frog, paint the frog, hop the frog, and fly the frog. Each one has a different objective, though they are all a race against time. The controls generally involve two buttons, one on each side of the screen, that you’ll need to use in time to move the frog.

Hop the frog has a single jump or long long jump option as you move from lilly pad to lilly pad. It’s amazing how much concentration it takes to not hit the wrong button and end up in the water.

You’ll earn stars depending on how many points you score. Just because you finish one game doesn’t mean you’ve finished the game. Play it again to earn even more stars or score some achievements.

The other games past the initial ones will only be unlocked by collecting stars.

Even if you’ve sucked the marrow out of the whole game, the app promises to deliver future levels, meaning you can tap the frog to your heart’s content.

The animation is smooth and clean, complemented by the carnival-like music. The gameplay is simple, yet enjoyable at the same time. Game Center integration means you and your friends can see who’s truly the better frog tapper.

This is definitely a well-polished game that’s quite entertaining.

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