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Readdle Releases New Note-Taking App For iPad

Readdle Releases New Note-Taking App For iPad

February 3, 2012
Readdle has released Remarks, a new app for note-taking and PDF editing on the iPad. Remarks ($4.99), features a beautiful interface and allows you to accurately jot down notes, sketch new ideas and annotate PDF documents. With a single tap you can quickly create a note which you can either choose to write out or type. You can also share your notes via email, or iTunes file sharing, and then edit them on your computer. Furthermore, Remarks also allows you to import your files from Dropbox and edit them. One great feature is how you can co-edit notes with other Remarks users. The app's interface is very minimalistic and easy-to-use, offering a beautiful notebook display for all the notes you have created. Check out the app in action, below:

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