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Soon You'll Be Able To Have Mass Effect On Your iPhone And iPad

Soon You'll Be Able To Have Mass Effect On Your iPhone And iPad

February 7, 2012

EA has just announced that Mass Effect will be coming to iOS in the form of: Mass Effect Infiltrator.

This game will be a companion app to get players ready for the next major installation in the series, Mass Effect 3. The goal is to increase your “Galactic Readiness,” which will help get you the best ending possible in the franchise’s final game (and that’s always the gamer’s dream, right?).

Infiltrator will be a third-person shooter with gorgeous graphics, as well as authentic weapons and powers from the Mass Effect series.

The gist of the plot in Infiltrator will have players rescuing prisoners from a hostile Cerberus base, and they will receive rewards for collecting evidence of the crimes that Cerberus has committed along the journey.

According to ShackNews, these rewards have a direct correlation with the Galactic Readiness that was mentioned earlier. As you successfully gather intelligence and complete rescues, you will increase your Readiness rating directly through the new Galaxy at War system in Mass Effect 3. Pretty cool, right?

There has been no set release date, as EA just said it is coming “soon.” However, the sooner, the better! The game will also feature ways to unlock exclusive weapons in the main game.

I love the idea of the tight integration with the upcoming final game of the franchise, and wish that more major game developers would do something like this. Are you a Mass Effect fan? What do you think of this? Let us know what you think in the comments!

(via ShackNews)

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