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The Siri Port To End All Siri Ports: Say Hello To i4Siri

The Siri Port To End All Siri Ports: Say Hello To i4Siri

February 21, 2012
The Siri ports just don't stop coming in. Last week we told you about Sara and the week before we did a comparison of the best proxies out there. Now, we have received word of a new jailbreak tweak that plans to bring Siri to most older generation iOS devices for free. The i4Siri tweak has been in development for quite a while and is expected in a few weeks (or even days, the developers are not sure). The tweak has been thorougly tested, and has literally had thousands of people on one server at a time. This did not affect performance or response time. Also, unlike other servers that rely on iPhone 4S keys, i4Siri uses the Google API. Their method is explained below:

The tweak is said to support the following features so far:
  • Jokes
  • Smart bot (Conversation and smart conversations)
  • Notes. (View, create, delete etc.)
  • Weather (Current location, other locations, past present tense)
  • Time (Current location, other locations)
  • Timer (Create timer of seconds, minutes hours, pause, stop,)
  • Wolfram Alpha API (Who is Steve jobs, math)
  • Map injection
  • Dictation
  • Plugins
  • and more
  While i4Siri will start as a free tweak, for a better connection they will be charging a premium price, which has not yet been finalized. They are accepting donations here, and have released a small video demonstration as well: You can track the tweak's progress on their blog. In the meantime, we want to know: Would you cancel your proxy subscription for i4Siri? Source: JailbreakNation

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