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This Presidents Day Weekend, Britannica Kids US Presidents Is Free

This Presidents Day Weekend, Britannica Kids US Presidents Is Free

February 20, 2012
This Presidents Day weekend, MEDL MOBILE has made their Britannica Kids U.S. Presidents app free in the App Store. The app, regularly $2.99, is an all-in-one children's app with educational information about all of the United States presidents. The app organizes presidents in chronological order. Users can tap on the picture of the president to see more information. The standard information for each president includes information about their vice president, first lady, birthday, and another fun fact. When children tap on each of these sections the app reads the text aloud, making this app great for young kids who are unable to read. Aside from the list of the 44 presidents, the app has a “Did You Know?” section with facts about 16 different United States places/people. For instance, the Air Force One section explains that there are two planes (both called Air Force One) in which the president flies. Each has three floors and can refuel in midair. Britannica Kids U.S. Presidents also has a quiz section where users can test their knowledge of the presidents and attempt to answer questions in a minute or less. Finally, the app has a song section where users can listen to and sing along to “Hail to the Chief.” This Presidents Day, be sure to check out Britannica Kids U.S. Presidents in the App Store and take advantage of it being free until Feb. 20 at midnight.

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