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Turn Your iDevice Into A Perk Calculator for Skyrim, Plus A Chance To Win!

Turn Your iDevice Into A Perk Calculator for Skyrim, Plus A Chance To Win!

February 26, 2012
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Perk Calculator for Skyrim ($0.99) by Ziao is a simple tool that allows users to keep track of how many perks they are spending in Skyrim. The app features native support for users who have already begun to use the Web version online. For those who aren’t familiar with Skyrim, it is a large role playing game that was released for major consoles and PC back in November. Perks are unlocked as you level-up throughout the game, and only a certain amount can be spent. This creates the urgency for players to carefully examine and analyze every possible perk they choose.

Perk Calculator for Skyrim by Ziao screenshot

The goal of the app is to simplify the process of deciding which perks to spend. In the actual Skyrim game, players have a menu system that uses constellations and stars to navigate through different skills, each with their own perks. Some would argue that the system is a little cumbersome and inefficient.

In the app, developers have taken the same basic idea, mimicked the constellations, and simplified the process. With the app users don’t exactly scroll between different skills, but instead have to tap into a menu and select a different skill. In my opinion this is a more efficient method to navigate the perks than in the actual game, and allows users to see different options quicker while playing the game.

Another great feature I noticed while using the app, was the ability to save different builds. In other words, users could have multiple players with different perk selections all accessible from their iDevice. And if you’re one of those people who feel the constant urge to share everything on Facebook, that option is available as well.

Now, while players are waiting for a relatively slow cut scene to pass by, they can whip out their iDevice and poke around with different perks and decide what they would like to use next. If you’re not a Skyrim fan, or if you’ve never even played the game, this is a great time to start.

GIVEAWAY: I have six copies of Perk Calculator for Skyrim to give away to some awesome AppAdvice readers! For your chance of winning a copy, leave a comment on this post (with a valid email address so that I may contact the winners) explaining how you would use Perk Calculator for Skyrim by Sunday, March 4 at 8 p.m. EST. The winners will be picked randomly. Good luck!

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