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Visionary Can Help You Make Your Dreams Come True

Visionary Can Help You Make Your Dreams Come True

February 29, 2012
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Visionary ($1.99) by Bliss Programs is a new app for iPad that lets you create a virtual “vision board.” Now don’t judge me, but I read The Secret, a book that Oprah recommends for creating your best life. Actually, it’s lucky for you that I read it, because I can sum the book up for you: visualize want you want out of life, and you can will it into reality. The book recommends that you create a vision board, actually a bulletin board, and pin up photos or reminders of all your dreams. Post snapshots of your dream vacation, your dream home, your dream man/woman, etc. You get the idea. In my opinion, this whole idea falls under the heading of, “I don’t know if it works, but it sure can’t hurt!”

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So, Visionary is a virtual bulletin board for your iPad. Post photos, notes, or even video. First, choose from one of seven background for your vision board. Then, select (or take) photos. Add a frame, title, date, vision, and notes if you like. Adjust the placement and size with your fingers. Tap the pin and then the photo or note to place a pin on your item. Move your iPad around to see and play with gravity effects, which you can actually toggle on and off my tapping the three arrow icon. Once you’ve got your vision board created to your liking, you can display it on your desk. You can even create multiple boards for your different moods. Double tap each item on your board to bring up your notes about it.

One of the options in the Menu is “Inspire My Friends.” I thought that this would allow you to share your boards with your friends via email, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. However, tapping this option only gives you the option to share a single item, not an entire board.

Overall, this app is a cool idea. The fact that you can embed your notes (your visions, your goals) within each picture, video, and note is really nice. It could use a lot more options for backgrounds, frames, and other decorative touches, but perhaps that will come in future updates.

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