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Who Needs Expensive iPad 2 Speakers When You Can Get This Clever Accessory?

Who Needs Expensive iPad 2 Speakers When You Can Get This Clever Accessory?

February 7, 2012

Have you ever tried cupping your hand behind the speaker of your iPad 2? Until I saw this accessory I had never done it. I was surprised at the difference in sound volume and quality. It was this discovery that sparked inventor Moshe Weiss to invent the SoundBender.

There is no denying that Weiss is a fun and clever guy. The Rabbi and teacher from Saint Paul, Minnesota is contagiously enthusiastic as he describes his latest invention on Kickstarter.

At first glance the SoundBender, a molded plastic scoop secured by magnets, seems too simple to make a difference in sound quality. However, as evidenced in his numerous videos, this tiny device really does what it was designed to do. My first thought when seeing any iDevice accessory is "Will I need to take my iPad out of the case to use it?" Sure the iPad 2 is sexy and beautiful without a case, but for those of us who use our iDevices daily, a sturdy case is mandatory. Thankfully Weiss considered cases with his SoundBender, which will neatly fit in the speaker opening of most cases and secures with magnets. The magnets work like the Apple Smart Cover and put the iPad to sleep by just moving the SoundBender near the volume bar. This is particularly handy when watching movies as you can quickly pause and sleep your iPad 2 then just press play again to start without losing your place.

The SoundBender is offered in a random color for a special early bird pledge of $15. If you prefer to choose the color just pledge $20 and take your choice of: black, white, silver, purple, midnight blue, pale blue, pale pink, rose pink, or yellow.

As a special offer only to Kickstarters, Weiss is offering a limited edition of 50 red SoundBenders for a pledge of $25.

What do you think of the SoundBender? Let's discuss it in the comments!



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