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According To One Employee Poll, Tim Cook Has More Internal Support Than His Predecessor

According To One Employee Poll, Tim Cook Has More Internal Support Than His Predecessor

March 29, 2012
I always thought one of Steve Jobs' most defining (and difficult) achievements was that he set Apple up to succeed despite his ill health and impending death. By some Jobs-engineered miracle, Apple stock didn't tank in his wake. Instead, the company continued -- and continues! -- to grow in both influence and aspiration. Of course, Tim Cook deserves some credit, too. While Jobs was an unmatched genius of vision, design, and the human-computer experience, Cook is the genius who made our iDevices simultaneously affordable and profitable. And, by all accounts, he's a heck of a lot more approachable, too. So, it's really no surprise that's CEO ratings place Cook's employee approval at 97 percent, two points higher than Steve's last ranking. While most folks surely wouldn't want Cook at the helm instead of Jobs, that's not possible, and the ratings reflect the Apple community's support of its new leader. Still, GigaOM reminds us that
[t]o be fair, a 2 percent difference is a pretty small gap — especially when you consider how long Jobs was on the job, and how new Cook is to the position. He’s clearly in his honeymoon period, just seven months into his official duties as CEO. In that time, he’s done some things that are bound to be popular among workers, like instituting a generous charitable corporate matching program.
At any rate, it's inarguable that Tim Cook's doing a bang-up job, and he's probably outperformed everyone's expectations so far. Hopefully, he'll keep bringing us Steve's singular vision for years to come.

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