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AppStart For iPad Goes Free: The First App Your New iPad Needs

AppStart For iPad Goes Free: The First App Your New iPad Needs

March 15, 2012
Do you guys know what tomorrow is? Friday. But more importantly, I get my new iPad tomorrow. What was that? You’re getting a new iPad too? What do you mean this isn’t just about me? Well, you’re right. Tomorrow is all about the iPad. The new iPad. The third generation iPad. The iPad that will still be called the iPad 3 even though it’s really not. And guess what? We’ve busted our behinds day and night to update our famous — and rightfully so — AppStart for iPad app: Just. For. You. Just for you and your new iPad. What better way to enjoy your new device than to grab the first app you’ll ever need — and for FREE! That’s right! AppStart for iPad is free for a limited time in celebration of the new iPad release! Whether this is your first iPad ever, or you’re a veteran looking to broaden your iKnowledge, we at AppAdvice have your back. Especially if having your back means helping you get the most out of your shiny new iThings. Our AppStart apps are that little something special for us to share with you and for you to share with your iDevices. We even have AppStart for iPhone. AppStart is chock full of the best tools, tips, tricks, and apps to get you started with your new device, and help you become an expert. We’ve carefully crafted this app update to give you both an enjoyable, interactive experience and the most useful — and fun — information all about your iPad and all rolled into one. Think of it as your iPad toolbox: We just put a big bow on it for you. What can we say? We love apps. And we love you. So, what better way to say those three special words than to give you these three special words absolutely free: AppStart for iPad. So, hop on to your computer and grab this freshly updated version of AppStart! That way you’ll have it ready to install first thing tomorrow — after you jump the delivery guy, that is. Because that's what I'm going to do. AppStart for iPad is free for a limited time — get you some!

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