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Blast Off Into Fun With Angry Birds Space

Blast Off Into Fun With Angry Birds Space

March 22, 2012
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Angry Birds Space ($0.99) by Rovio Mobile Ltd. has landed in the App Store and it's out of this world, literally. Our feathery friends, that we have all come to love, had their eggs stolen by a giant claw and they followed it into a wormhole. This landed them in outer space and they will let nothing stop them from retrieving their stolen eggs.

Many of us were wondering how Rovio was going to make this orbital setting another fun, yet challenging addition to this popular series. To be blunt, they did it well, very well.

Angry Birds Space by Rovio Mobile Ltd. screenshot

The developers stuck to their standard gameplay of flinging birds by slingshot, into creatively designed levels, in hopes of destroying all the pestering green pigs. They did add a few new tweaks to incorporate the outer space feel though.

Gravity now plays a huge role in this game. Birds will shoot downward when they hit orbital circles. This can actually be your ally. If you miss on your first shot, the birds will sometimes come back around and attempt the strike again. It adds a little more to the strategy side of things. Also, when pieces get sent flying, they now move in slow motion for an exciting effect.

All the birds have been aesthetically redesigned to fit accordingly as well. Some will be sporting sci-fi masks, while others will have cyclops-like style glasses. It's a nice touch.

Angry Birds Space by Rovio Mobile Ltd. screenshot

BIG NEWS: There's a new bird that has been added to help you retrieve those stolen eggs from the space pigs. He's a light-blue, cube-shaped bird who acts as a one-two punch alongside the circle-shaped blue bird from previous editions. When used correctly, he can freeze multiple pieces in a level and then the circle-shaped blue bird can split into three and crush through the ice delivering massive destruction.

The game comes with 60 galactic levels, in-app purchases, many unlockable achievements, and hidden bonus levels. If you loved any of the Angry Birds series, you will have a blast with this new edition. As great as this series has been, they have never raised the price.

Do yourself a favor and buy this game right now. I mean what else are you going to buy for a dollar? A double cheeseburger? I'd rather go hungry, if that is the case.

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