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Bring Some Magic To Your Photos With HDR FX

Bring Some Magic To Your Photos With HDR FX

March 2, 2012
I love photography and, while I own a DSLR camera, I find myself using the fantastic camera on my iPhone 4S for the majority of my shots. The App Store has an abundance of photography apps available, but very few that truly stand out and impress. Yesterday, Korean developer JellyBus, released a new app, HDR FX ($0.99), which certainly looks set to impress. HDR FX allows the user to add HDR (High Dynamic Range) effects, and more, using only a single image. If you have not seen HDR photography before I highly recommend you look up Trey Ratcliff. His work is simply incredible! I could spend a long time explaining how HDR FX hopes to set itself apart from the various other HDR apps available, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words. If this is the case, a video is surely worth at least 10,000 words right? If the great video JellyBus has provided isn't enough to give you an idea of how HDR FX performs, they have kindly also provided a slideshow going into greater detail. The feature list for HDR FX is as long as your arm, but some highlights include:
  • 42 different HDR presets in three themes (scenery, sky, and ground)
  • Automatic photo analysis and preset recommendation
  • Specialized Effects for Sky and Ground
  • A built-in manual
  • Preset shuffle
HDR FX looks like it will be a great addition to any photographers arsenal. I'll certainly be keeping it close at hand! What do you think of HDR FX? Do you have room in your bulging photography folder for another photo manipulator?

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