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Camera+ Gets A Huge Update

Camera+ Gets A Huge Update

March 13, 2012
One of the top-selling photography apps for the iPhone/iPod touch has gained a significant update. Camera+ Version 3.0 arrived moments ago in the App Store. First released in June 2010, Camera+ now includes the ability to import multiple photos from your photo library. In addition, you can now share photos to multiple services, and even multiple accounts on the same service. Workflows offer customization tools including the ability to edit and share photos immediately after they are taken. Conversely, this new feature can also work in reverse; you can take a bunch of photos in a row without worrying about editing and sharing. Finally, for the first time, the creators of Camera+, tap tap tap, are making available APIs for the app. Now, others are able to integrate Camera+ into other apps and web services. Other Camera+ Version 3.0 features include, in addition to bug fixes:
App icon - The very first thing you’ll notice in Camera+ 3 is its shiny, new icon. It’s essentially the same Camera+ icon that you’ve grown to know and love… but better and much more polished. Focus & exposure locks - Now you can lock the focus and exposure of the camera, independently of each other. Photographers looking for the utmost flexibility in shooting will love this new feature because it enables all kinds of creative ways of taking awesome shots. Improved Lightbox UI - We’re a bit obsessive when it comes to user interface and user experience. With Camera+ 3, we’ve reworked several details of the Lightbox to make it even more usable. It’ll take a couple of seconds to get used to the changes but we’re completely confident that you’ll love these improvements almost immediately. Create web link - Many of you used to use the SMS sharing feature (now renamed to Message) for passing web links along to others. Now we’ve got a much better, easier, and dedicated way of doing it. Tuned Clarity - Often imitated but never duplicated, Clarity is one of the things that makes Camera+ what it is. And now it’s even better, especially if you’re using an iPhone 4S. VolumeSnap setting in menu - VolumeSnap is our birthright. That is all. Status bar in Lightbox - In previous versions of Camera+, we didn’t display the status bar (you know… that thingy with the clock, battery level, etc at the top of your screen) when you were in the Lightbox. Well, that’s all changed with this version! Never again miss picking your kids up at soccer practice because you were editing photos and had no clue what time it was. Improved performance - We’ve gone through painstaking steps to improve performance in several parts of the app. It all feels a lot more fluid now. But don’t just take our word on it… try it yourself and see how much nicer it is now. Notifications - Find-out about Camera+ updates, news, and contests. We’ve implemented notifications so they’re not intrusive and they’re opt-in only.
Camera+ has been a favorite of ours here at AppAdvice; now the $.99 app is even better. Download it today in the App Store.

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