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Display Photos Beautifully On Your iPad With Souvenir

Display Photos Beautifully On Your iPad With Souvenir

March 20, 2012
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Souvenir ($0.99) by Metakine Inc. is a niche app, designed to let you display your photos in a beautiful new way. If you want the look of a real photo album without taking the time to actually create one, you’re going to love Souvenir.

Souvenir by Metakine Inc. screenshot

Using the app is effortless. Realistic-looking photo albums of all your iPad’s photos are created automatically for you, though of course you can go in and tweak settings.

Open Souvenir and your albums will be sitting on bookshelf, ready for you to peruse. You can leave it at that and just enjoy! Or, you can tap and hold an album, which will bring up eight different album themes from which you can choose. You can also add music to your album-viewing experience. There are eight songs within the app that you can use, or choose a song from your own collection.

Tap the top right corner to navigate your album. Here you can change the theme, add music, and adjust your display settings to show captions and/or dates if desired. This information is brought straight over from iPhoto, so the only effort on your part is flipping a switch. While perusing an album, tap a photo to show it full screen.

The help menu and music control icon (both for choosing music and setting the volume) are easily accessible with obvious icons to the left of the bookshelf. You can even adjust the lighting within the app by tapping a light switch to the right of the bookshelf. I generally find myself very iffy on skeuomorphic looking apps, but this actually a very attractive one.

However, it’s not perfect. In my testing, it crashed a number of times. I would hope this will be fixed in an update soon. I’d also like to see some kind of automatic page-turn setting, so you have the option to use the app like a digital picture frame, and just have it running on your desk. It would also be nice to see more design options for the albums.

Souvenir is off to a gorgeous start. If you like to see your photos in polished albums but don’t have time to actually make them, let Souvenir do all the work for you.

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