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Fancy Pants Tries The App Store On For Size

Fancy Pants Tries The App Store On For Size

March 1, 2012
The prolific development team at Chillingo has released yet another title into the App Store this morning. Meet Fancy Pants ($0.99). Fancy Pants isn't actually a new game. It has been available online for some time as a Flash based game, played over 100 million times, so chances are you may have previously stumbled across it. Chillingo is hoping to recreate this success by porting this hugely popular title to our favorite mobile platform. Fancy Pants sees the player take control of Fancy Pants Man as he tries to save his little sister, Cutie Pants, from "the worst pirates ever." The graphics are gorgeous and impressive in their simplicity. Fancy Pants Man himself is, basically, just a stick man with big orange pants on, but there is a certain charm to this that needs to be seen to understand. Fancy Pants Man can leap, slide, spring and smash his way through the various, impressively designed, levels on his quest to save his sister. If you have played the online version of the game to death, there are still many reasons to pick up this new version. There are lots of new weapons, enemies and abilities for Fancy Pants Man to wield. Chillingo has always been very adept at including mechanisms in their games to keep you playing. Fancy Pants seems to be no different. Scattered throughout the levels are various squiggles and stars that, once collected, can unlock new costumes, accessories and awards. Fancy Pants is a universal app and the obligatory "lite" version is also available if you are unsure you if you want to commit to the full purchase without giving the game a try. Fancy Pants is a great, fun little time waster. Will you be picking it up? Have you ever seen the original Flash version?

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