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Free Music Streaming App Songza Gets Updated

Free Music Streaming App Songza Gets Updated

March 21, 2012
Songza is one of my personal favorite apps. It’s one of those apps I show people that are new to iOS and ask me, “Which apps should I get?”  (Or, more likely, “Why do I even need to bother with apps?” Yup, that’s the kind of crowd I hang with in real life, oddly enough.) I mean, who wouldn’t like unlimited free music? I’m not the type of person to buy (or rip) thousands of songs for my personal collection, in fact, I only own a couple hundred songs myself and no real desire to own more. I generally like to be surprised when I listen to music. So, I was thrilled to discover Songza, which I reviewed last year. Songza is a free music streaming service that has thousands of curated playlists for you to enjoy, sorted by genre. In addition to the iOS app, Songza is also available for Android, the Kindle Fire, and on the web at There are no audio ads or listening limits. And now, Songza has gotten a major update. Where you used to have to go find playlists to suit your mood or style, Songza now has a feature called Music Concierge. Much like a hotel concierge can point you to the local hotspots, Music Concierge uses the time of day, day of the week, and your past preferences to help you pick the perfect music to listen to right now. So, in mere seconds, without spending a dime, without having to think of a particular artist or song, Songza will play music to fit your moment! Other new features include “Featured” and “Trending” sections, so you can see and listen to what’s hot right now. You can also send a playlist request from within the app. While listening to a playlist, you can share to your social networks, favorite it, find similar playlists, and of course, tap to buy the current song on iTunes if you want it.
"Music Concierge is a simple, fun and free way to answer a tough question: With over 18 million songs out there, what do I actually listen to?" Elias Roman, CEO and Co/Founder.
So what are you waiting for? Download Songza for free and go listen to some awesome music! [gallery link="file"]

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