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Fuzel Makes Your Photos Awesome

Fuzel Makes Your Photos Awesome

March 2, 2012
Fuzel - Photos made awesome by Not A Basement Studio icon

Fuzel - Photos made awesome ($0.99) by Not A Basement Studio is a very cool new photography app. Why do you need another photography app, you ask? Well, this one does many different things, so if you love to manipulate your photos, you may be able to delete some of the photography apps you own. Combine photos in unique layouts, then add artistic filters and captions.

Fuzel - Photos made awesome by Not A Basement Studio screenshot

Do you want to start with a square or a rectangle? Do you want the lines between photos to be set at right angles, or do you want to decide upon the angles yourself? Fuzel lets you do it any way you like, with no limit on the number of photos you want to combine into a single frame.

You can first choose a layout, and then add photos, as I have done here with my car photos. Keep each photo spot square, or adjust the angles if you prefer. The really cool thing is that at any time, you can tap the cut icon in the bottom left corner. Then just start slashing. Make as many cuts as you like; each space you leave is a new spot in which to place a photo.

Adjust the width of the lines around and between each photo with a slider. Leave them white or add one of dozens of colors. Tap each photo spot to take a photo, or pick a photo from your camera roll or Facebook account. I would really like the option to choose a photo from my entire photo library, not just my camera roll, since I really don’t keep many photos there.

Each photo in your layout can be individually edited. Flip it left to right and/or upside down. Choose from 18 artsy filters.

You can also shoot first and cut later. If you do this, each section of the photo can be individually edited. Move it around within the frame and even give it a different filter, as I have done here with my dog photo. This is a single shot that I cut up after I shot it, and then moved each part so that the dog’s face would appear four times.

The last step is to choose a frame and tap it to add a caption. This is another chance I would like to see. I love captioning my photos, especially ones I’ve combined this way, but the captioning is not very flexible in this app. It looks nice, but it just sits unobtrusively at the bottom of the frame. This is fine for archival purposes, but sometimes I want a bigger, more visible caption, and I want to put it wherever I want it.

When you’ve completed your masterpiece, you can share it via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr. In the settings, if you choose hi-res export, your photos will send as 1920x1920, with plans for higher resolution in the next release.

Overall, this is a gorgeous and flexible app that iPhoneographers will love. Hopefully, it’ll get even better in future updates!

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