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Dress Up Your iPhone With Something Unique From Paper'd

Dress Up Your iPhone With Something Unique From Paper'd

March 27, 2012

Paper'd (Free) by Apostrophe'd, Inc. is a fresh new wallpaper app for your iPhone.

When it comes to finding unique wallpapers for your iPhone, it is usually a daunting task. Where do you go to find great looking images, ready for your iPhone's Retina display? You could always do a simple search on the Internet, but that means picking through various sites and checking out each one before you find something that really strikes you. Or, you can do what I normally do -- browse DeviantArt. However, most of these wallpaper images end up being similar to each other after a while, and it's hard to find something new that still looks great. That is, until Paper'd.

Normally, wallpaper apps for the iPhone are crappy – they are filled with boring, generic images, and let’s face it, they don’t always have the best user interface or experience. I gave up on other wallpaper apps because they simply don’t have images that interest me. However, I was pleased when I discovered Paper’d, which is a real gem of a [wallpaper] app.


With Paper’d, all of the wallpapers that are featured in the app are designer images. That means that you won’t find these wallpapers anywhere else besides in the app. Having these unique images available at your fingertips definitely means that you won’t have the same wallpaper as someone else (unless they also have the app).

There are over 200 wallpaper images included in the initial download. They are organized by collection, and you can scroll through the various choices on the main screen (or view them through the Filter option). The collections will vary greatly, from monsters to robots to quotes to typography and more.

In addition to the 200 included wallpapers, there are additional collections that you can purchase via in-app purchases. These will be denoted with a lock in the corner of the collection thumbnail – the prices of these additional collections will range between $0.99 and $1.99. Of course, you can still use the app without ever having to buy any additional collections if you so choose (the app does not come with ads, so that’s a relief). The app will also be updated occasionally with new content (both paid and free), so you’ll always find something new.

When you see a collection you want to view, simply tap on it and you will be able to scroll through the full-size images in that collection. If it’s a locked collection, you are still able to view the images, but there will be a lock watermark in the middle of the image. Hey, at least it is better than not being able to view them before buying!

As you take a look through the wallpaper images, you can even see what the image would look like on your lock or home screen with the “Preview” function. It will pull up a faux date & time and slider bar for the lock screen, or a screen full of random app icons for the home screen. This makes it easier than saving the image, going to Photos, setting it as your lock screen wallpaper, and then seeing how it will look.


If you’re satisfied with an image, you can save it to your Camera Roll (in the appropriate resolution for your iPhone) with the button in the bottom right corner. But what if you like all the images in a collection and can’t decide which to pick? Then just save the entire collection, of course! Paper’d provides you with a button to quickly save an entire collection of wallpapers, which is perfect for the indecisive (like me). Paper’d will also provide a matching home screen wallpaper with the lock screen wallpaper.

I am absolutely delighted with Paper’d and will definitely be keeping it around. The designs of wallpapers in the app are fresh, minimal, and clean – definitely adding some unique personality to your phone. It’s a free app, and you’ll definitely turn some heads with these ’papers.

Make sure to check out Paper’d on your iPhone, especially considering that it provides plenty of wallpapers for free. If you’re looking for Paper’d for iPad, the developers claim that it is in the works and will be available soon.

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