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It's Time To Unwind With The Soothing Puzzler, Quell Reflect

It's Time To Unwind With The Soothing Puzzler, Quell Reflect

March 6, 2012
Quell Reflect by Fallen Tree Games icon

Quell Reflect ($0.99) by Fallen Tree Games is a charming zen puzzler that should appeal to any fans of the genre.

What drew me in to Quell Reflect is the beautiful and calming graphics. I’m glad I decided to take the time to look into it, though, because this is definitely a keeper. The graphics are delightful and the haunting soundtrack definitely adds some personality to the game that can be hard to come by in puzzles.

Like with most puzzle games, the objective of Quell Reflect is simple: you must slide a droplet around and collect all of the pearls, while avoiding paths with obstacles and traps. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is when you first start out, but then the game will begin throwing in new elements that will ramp up the difficulty.

Quell Reflect by Fallen Tree Games screenshot

The controls are very simple – just slide your finger in the direction that you want to move the droplet in. Once you move a droplet in a direction, you can’t stop it unless it hits a block or another object. Some levels will have no walls in some spots, so the droplet will continue and come back from the other side of the screen.

As you play, you will encounter levels that will have more than one droplet at a time. To move a specific droplet, you will have to slide your finger relatively close to it – the game will detect where your finger is and move the appropriate drop.

The game will display tips to you at the top of the screen as you work your way through levels, but you can turn these off if you want. A game can be paused at any moment, which will also bring up the in-game menu for you. Underneath the pause button will be some numbers: the bigger number is your current amount of moves, while the number in the parentheses is the least amount of moves that the puzzle can be completed in. If you mess up a level, you can restart it at any time.

You will still be able to progress if you do more moves. However, you won’t be awarded the “Perfect” status on it, and you won’t receive hints, which will prove extremely useful in later levels. It’s best if you go back and get the perfect status on previous levels, if just for the mental challenge.

Quell Reflect by Fallen Tree Games screenshot

Game Center is supported with achievements and leaderboards for Pearls Collected and Perfects. This just adds even more reason to play, as if over 80 levels itself was not enough.

Quell Reflect is definitely a great little puzzle game that should be on the iPhone or iPad of anyone that is looking to unwind with some game time. The Retina display graphics and spooky music combined with great gameplay – this is one puzzle game you don’t want to miss! I know I will definitely be keeping this one on my iPhone personally for quite some time.

Make sure to grab the universal Quell Reflect in the App Store for the bargain price of $0.99 (personally a steal for such a great game). If you are unsure, then you can also try out the free Quell game, which includes 12 levels of Quell Reflect.

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