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Is Your New iPad Overheating?

Is Your New iPad Overheating?

March 19, 2012
If you picked up a new iPad this past weekend, you might have experienced something Apple had not advertised about its latest tablet. Numerous customers are complaining via message boards that Apple's third generation iPad is overheating, according to The Daily Mirror. On forums on the Apple website, hundreds of customers are complaining that their third generation iPad is getting hot, even after as little as 10 minutes of playtime. Say user Faatty:
“Just got my new iPad. I'm loving the screen and speed but there's something weird about it. It gets rather warm/hot after 30minutes of usage. It has never happened on my iPad 2. Do you think it's harmless or....?”
In a separate threat, Apple user znz212 wrote:
“It begins getting warm within about 10 minutes for me, and after about 25 it's quite hot to touch (not hot enough to burn or anything, but hotter than it feels like it should be). I can even feel the heat on the front - the top half of the screen is warmer than the bottom half. It cools down very fast (within 5 minutes) when locked or even on the home screen, so I'm not sure if the heat is normal with the new chip.”
Of course, this isn’t the first time first-adapters have complained about an Apple iDevice. In 2010, for example, the company had to deal with the so-called, “grip of death” for the iPhone 4; last year many complained about a yellow tint, or backlight bleeding, around the edge of their new iPad 2. Apple has yet to respond to reported overheating problems with the new iPad. We’ll keep you updated on this story. In the meantime, have you experienced this issue with your new iPad?

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