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Japanese Blog Has 'Inside Scoop' On Unlikely Five-Inch iPod touch

Japanese Blog Has 'Inside Scoop' On Unlikely Five-Inch iPod touch

March 28, 2012
Up there on the left is a Samsung Galaxy Note. It's got a five-inch screen, and it's unwieldy as all get-out. So, are you ready for a five-inch iPod touch? Me neither. However, Japanese blog Makotakara claims they've got reliable sources saying that's just what's coming. Said to sport resolutions of either 1600 x 960 or 1280 x 960, the five-inch displays are speculated to be manufactured by Sharp using its Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) technology. iDownloadBlog explains the significance of IGZO:
The benefits of IGZO panels over the traditional LCD screens include sharp colors, lower power consumption and pixel densities of as high as 330ppi – enough to justify the Apple-coined Retina moniker. IGZO panels don’t need dual LED bars to illuminate the pixels and allow for wide viewing angles, negating the need for a premium display technology called In-Plane Switching.
All this aligns quite nicely with Hon Hai's recent Sharp ownership stake, but we think Apple's got other things in mind. While Apple may indeed go the IGZO route for future iDevice panels, I very much doubt they'll ever release this particular monstrosity. A 3.85-inch iPod touch, maybe. But a five-incher? No way. No way.

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