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Monster Stacking Entertains Everyone

Monster Stack 2 by Michael Kloubkov icon

Monster Stack 2 (Free) by Michael Kloubkov is the new sequel to Monster Stack. The game is a cute, monster themed physics-based puzzler for all ages.

The little monsters are hungry and are craving chicken wings. Conveniently enough, there is a floating chicken wing in each level. It is your job to stack the monsters in a way so they can reach the chicken wing.

Monster Stack 2 by Michael Kloubkov screenshot

The monsters are not all the same shapes or sizes, so players will have to balance them so they do not fall. After all the monsters are placed, a balance bar appears. The monsters must remain balanced until the bar is completely full, then the level is complete.

To place each monster, just touch the screen and it will appear on the screen. Position it on the screen and let go, it will fall into place. Monsters can only be placed when they are green, if they turn red, players will have to move their fingers and reposition the monster before it can be placed.

Monster Stack 2 is a relatively simple game, it is easy to learn and easy to play. This is definitely a great game for kids, but I believe adults will get tired of the gameplay quickly.

Currently Monster Stack 2 only has one level pack, Original, with 25 levels. It does seem that more level packs are on the way. There is no Game Center or OpenFeint integration, but there are options for sharing the game on Facebook and Twitter.

The monsters that must be placed are displayed on the bottom of the screen. This is a nice feature because it lets users plan where to place each monster so the next will balance. The only problem with this feature is that it does not accurately display how large the monsters are; small square monsters appear the same size as the larger ones.

Aside from playing each level, Monster Stack 2 does have a level builder where players can create their own levels to challenge their friends and family.

Overall Monster Stack 2 is a fun game for younger iOS users. I highly recommend this to children. Even though the gameplay is rather easy, adults will enjoy some of the later levels that are more difficult.

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