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New iPad Cells Take Twice As Long To Fill Up, May Also Run 'Warm'

New iPad Cells Take Twice As Long To Fill Up, May Also Run 'Warm'

March 15, 2012
Even before today's in-depth iPad teardown (courtesy of iFixit), we knew the new tablet's battery was a thing to behold. After all, at 11,666 mAh, it's nearly twice as dense as the iPad 2's 6944 mAh offering. Unfortunately, it also takes nearly twice as long to charge all the way up. According to MG Siegler of TechCrunch, the new iPad also seems to run a little hot. Or, at least, a little warm. But that, says 9to5Mac, is likely unrelated to the iPad's big battery:
The Verge confirmed in their review the new iPad gets “a bit warm” when using LTE for extended lengths of time, which we know is often an issue with LTE devices.
While most of us expected as much (on both counts), it'll be interesting to see the general public's reaction to this news. And for the nay-sayers out there, I'll say this: Apple works many miracles, but the company is still bound by at least a few technological realities. So just charge your iPad overnight, and give Apple props for keeping your hands nice and toasty. [Image:]

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